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Wallpaper Vinyl

Custom wall decals are a great way to customize your office, decorate any room, or brand your business at an event. There's no limit in size, shape, colours, or quantity, so why not revamp your office, home, or event with custom wall stickers or custom logo wall decals?.Our Custom logo wall decals can be die-cut to your design. Add some extra imagery to your office or home with custom decals for walls and custom logo decals to maximize your branding. Make your brand or what matters to you stick by creating custom wall decals of your company logo, motivational quotes, and artwork in any colour, design, message, picture, photo and more!

We can produce your logo on other materials with alloy composite on stand off locators being our most popular.

Our wall coverings have been provided for designers, interior displays, reception areas and high impact experiences.The range includes our most popular satin laminated self adhesive wall covering for quick application and wipe clean advantages, as well as a large range of printable wallpapers in a variety of textures and finishes.

Satin laminated wall prints

Due to the self adhesive capabilities, the installation is faster than traditional wall paper which makes for a lower cost installation.The prints are satin laminated which allows for wipe clean advantages, especially effective in high traffic areas.